Omaha Beach Original supports Thank-a-Vet since 2019

Each year, OBO is committed to donating a part of its profits to Thank-à-Vet

About Thank-a-Vet :

Thank-A-Vet is a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia USA.

Thank-A-Vet  delivers goods directly to Veterans and their Families in the spirit of gratitude.

Since 2018 Thank-A-Vet  has delivered, among other things :

11 000 pairs of Brand New Socks

40 000 Thank You Cards

25 000 wheelchairs / scooters

5 500 Coats


Thank-A-Vet  has also created several coffee clubs. These are warm places where veterans can get together for coffee and have a good time. These Veteran coffee clubs promote camaraderie and fight loneliness. This initiative is also a concrete way to combat the US crisis of veterans’ suicides.

Shannon Drake, President of the association, with Veterans
Shannon with some Veterans wearing Omaha Beach Original t-shirts, December 2019


Message from Shannon Drake to Omaha Beach Original, December 2021

Thank you for the donation to Thank-A-Vet.  We recently raised and distributed over 2,000 pairs of socks in the Philadelphia area for ‘ Sock Em 2021’.  We are working towards delivering 50 pairs in western Washington next week.  

We have 2 Veteran Coffee Clubs that have maintained throughout the entirety of the pandemic and held an online Veteran Coffee Club for 7 months which averaged 10 Veterans every week.

This pandemic has been extremely rough on us.  We have lost many Veterans in the last 2 years.  

We did lose a very active member of Thank-A-Vet.  The isolation of working at home on top of the traumas of his four tours of Iraq/ Afghanistan were beyond…  This really made us stop and re-evaluate our program.  

We have received many signs and decided to push on !  We will continue to move forward and will build an even stronger program !  Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you,


President of the Association Thank-A-Vet

Sock Em 2021

Sock Em 2021

Message from Shannon Drake, January 13 – 2023

We do have many coffee clubs running on the east coast and are connecting with the American Legion about Veteran Coffee Club.  

This is a news clip related to a party we were involved with during Christmas time to assist Veterans getting coats


Shannon Drake