Thank-A-Vet is a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia USA.

Thank-A-Vet  delivers goods directly to Veterans and their Families in the spirit of gratitude.

Since 2018 Thank-A-Vet  has delivered, among other things :

11 000 pairs of Brand New Socks

40 000 Thank You Cards

25 000 wheelchairs / scooters

5 500 Coats


Thank-A-Vet  has also created several coffee clubs. These are warm places where veterans can get together for coffee and have a good time. These Veteran coffee clubs promote camaraderie and fight loneliness. This initiative is also a concrete way to combat the US crisis of veterans’ suicides.

Shannon Drake, President of the association, with Veterans
Shannon with some Veterans wearing Omaha Beach Original t-shirts, December 2019